Friday, 27 November 2009

Drawing project handed in!

Although we had to hand in our drawing projects today, this isn't really one that stops there. I have always found it really important to keep a sketchbook going throughout the year, just to get ideas down, develop things, and to practise and keep up drawing skills. This project really got me to focus on that and realise just how important it was and how it affected the other projects I am working on.

When starting this project I was finding it quite hard to draw things quickly and get the proportions of characters and figures correct without spending a long time on them, let alone get them to look like they were properly interacting with eachother. So my first few pages of drawing are all quite detailed and I spent quite a long time on them. I think it's clear however that as the project went on I soon got used to drawing people quickly and getting their shapes and line of movement down and just the necessary information needed to show what they were doing, or who they were talking to, or even just the way they were expressing themselves.

I think that this is the main area I improved on over the duration of the project. I now feel I can show an interaction and conversation through drawing the characters, and I've also learnt a lot about what makes characters interact and that it's a lot to do with the body and stance, not just the facial features and expressions.

I feel as though this project has also helped with my character animation and loosening up my drawing, making the animation more fluid and relaxed rather then the really neat, exact drawings I was trying to use at the beginning of the project.

I will continue to keep a sketchbook and drawing different situations. I would quite like to focus on somethings that I missed out on when doing the conversations project. For example I never looked in detail at facial expressions and tonal drawings as we started to do in life drawing which I found really helped to draw the figure more accurately and focus on the muscles and way the body is structured rather than the outlines. In contrast to that I would also like to proactise more at getting a style of animated character designs together as we started to look at in some of the design lessons, for example really simple character faces and figures that would be really good to animate with.

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