Sunday, 15 November 2009

11 sec ending

Having got the timing together and working a little better, I realised I hadn't put as much thought into the end of the animation or how I would finish it off. When I was trying to come up with a bit of a different idea rather then just drawing a bin full of old cans of whip cream or pile of them on the floor, I thought maybe it would be good, if I have enough time, to almost do a flash back to the character and the position he was in the night before. So maybe have him n a mess on the floor eating his problems away!

Obviously this is going to take a little extra time on the end of the speech so I need to keep it pretty short, almost a still just to let the audience get the idea of having gone back to see him how he was and what he is talking about. I think this would work really well and bring the end in a little better. However I need to make sure that I get the animation of the main speaking part exactly how I want it before adding this on the end as the speach and acting takes priority in the project. I have drawn out the frames quickly and will add them on the end of the animatic to get the timing of this part right and to see how it works before drawing it out in a more finished way.

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