Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Nearly there?

This is how its looking at the moment and I think, or am hoping, that I'm pretty much there. Today I managed to add on the beginning and finish the last few sections. When playing it through altogether there were some bits that looked a bit strange and needed tweeking, for example a frame of lip sync slightly out of place and a head movement that jumped a bit too fast, however I now think it's working quite well.

Having made a few small changes as I was working, I can now sit and watch it through and find any parts that could be adjusted or easily improved just to finish it off completely.

I think the first sobbing part works well, and although its very exaggerated, with the sound it kind of fits and doesn't look out of place. However I don't know how obvious it is that the character is not moving in the same way for the second lot of sobbing. As this is the part where he is rolling over onto the sofa, I found it hard to incorporate movement to show sobbing in this as it almost looked as though he was bouncing whilst rolling. I did make his mouth move a little to suggest the sobbing was coming from him, but because of the movement this isn't very clear. The fact that he is moving during this time, I'm hoping takes the focus off of the sobbing.

I think the lipsync for the first section is working alright now as well. At first I wasn't sure if this was fitting quite correctly with the sound, however after putting in the sobbing scene the timing worked a little more easily and it was clearer where these frames needed to go.
The sit down is also more exaggerated, particularly as you can see the background more clearly (in a larger version then on here)and you can now see the sofa cushions squashing as he sits.

I'm pleased with the way the character says 'whipped cream' and I think it looks quite convincing, however I'm not so sure about the bit of speach before that, especially 'yesterday' and 'nine cans'. I did change a few of these frames to try and get it looking a little more realistic, but if I have time I may review them again and just see if I can get the sync a bit more accurate as this section is pretty close up.

I think the end finishes the piece quite well. The pan is faster which works better and the end scene is held long enough to see what is going on. I'm not sure about the whipped cream noise I have for the end, it sounds a little odd just coming in after the speech, so I may change that.

However...I think I'm very nearly there!

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