Thursday, 19 November 2009

Getting there...

I have now finished pretty much all of the drawing for the character animation. I have added in backgrounds. Most of these stay the same throughout the scenes, with just a few changes where the movement is really big and the gaps in the background would be noticeable. I also drew out a background for the added in scene in the kitchen to show how the character was when eating the whipped cream. I think the background work being pretty simple and don't take anything away from the character's movement. I actually think that in some of the scenes the background helps, for example where the character sits down. As you can see his height changing as he goes from standing to sitting and the sofa cushions being squashed, it helps to give the character more weight and makes the movement clearer. As I drew the background on different sheets of paper to use under multiple frames they aren't as clear as they could be, and particularly on here they are quite hard to see. Perhaps I could use a light behind the paper when filming, or I may just try drawing over the backgrounds in a thicker black ink to make them stand out more clearly behind the character.

I have also changed a few sections I was talking about before, such as part of the characters arm move when he points to make it flow a bit better and look smoother. However you can still see the size of the character changing, particularly the fact he gets much fatter when he sits down! It's still working well with the sound and fits to the speech (the clip above doesn't have the soundtrack to it as I could get it to work with the movie file). I think it looks much better with the anticipation and overlap and I've neatened up a few of the scenes that were really rough or where loads of lines could be seen where I was working out the movement.

I'm happy with the result so far,and I think the fact that you can see the numbers, some rough sketching and some of the paper n lines changing is quite nice as it shows it in its raw and most creative state. However think it will look better and more realistic with the facial expressions and lip sync which I can now start to work on and add into the scenes.

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