Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A bit more with sound...

I've now managed to get a few more bits filmed. Adding in the anticipation and overlap, you can now see what was missing from before and that it's already starting to look a little better. As I did this part quite roughly to get the timing correct and therefore spent less time on the drawing there are a few bits I need to clean up and work on. There are a few frames that jump a little due to the character being in a slightly different position on the page and colour changes. One particular one I notice is just before he is about to sit down, and also when he is lying down and moves his arm up, something doesn't look quite right there, I think because the length and size of his arm changes. I think the timing and animation however is working quite well now, and I am happy with how it works with the sound.
I also feel much more organised with my work for this project having broken down the speech into sections and again using my dope sheet to work from I have written down every frame and where it needs to be to fit in time with the speech. I therefore now have all my drawing in separate sections and feel like I can focus on them one by one to get each part looking right.
So now I have the basic movement the way I want it and fitted with the sound, I can go through and neaten up parts that are jumpy and drawn as quick lines rather then how the character should look, to make the whole thing look smoother. I then need to film it all at once using the same lighting as you can clearly see in the test above where I stopped and started filming. After this I can focus on the face and lip sync.

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