Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The 11 second club...

In our last lesson we heard the piece of sound from the 11 second club that we would be working with for the project. I have decided to do the one from this months competition - 'I'm living in a cocoon of horror, yesterday I ate 9 cans of aerosol whip cream...'
This is a really strange quote but I thought it could be pretty funny to animate. I immediately thought of perhaps doing a really huge character weeping about how he is stuck in this situation.
I wasn't sure whether I should look up where the original piece of sound came from, but I thought it could be quite nice to see how it had been acted out in real life footage. I found it was from a new program called 'Glee' and the line is from a scene where the actor just suddenly breaks down n his true depression that he was hiding comes out.
Although the acting is good and the facial expressions that the actor has for the scene are very expressive and dramatic, the body movements themselves aren't very exaggerated and to copy or use this for an animation just wouldn't work very well. So that I could get a better idea of the movements and general action I wanted for the sound clip I made a couple of videos to try and find out different ways that people would act to the sound. I tried to perform it myself, however I'm awful at acting and it just didn't turn out very successfully...

So I also tried to get a couple of my housemates to do it to try and get another persons ideas and perspectives on it...

...I dont think they'll mind me saying...they were pretty rubbish too..

With a final attempt I got a better representation of how I wanted it to look, particularly with the sitting an hand gestures...

so at least I had something to work from, or rough (very rough) ideas of how people might react to it.

I had a few ideas of how I wanted the piece to look, starting with the character ideas I did a few sketches, some rough ones and a couple more detailed. I looked at quite large characters that have been used recently in animations, in particular the people used in Wall-E.

The only problem I could find in having a character like this is that it may make it quite restrictive in terms of the movement and how exaggerated I can make it. I thought it might be quite nice having the character slumping down onto a sofa when he weeps, or even just leaning over onto something and crying into his arms. I might try and get someone to act out a little more realistically what I want to work from, however I will also draw out a very quick animatic and storyboard of ideas and what I want to happen in the scene and what it could look like.

I completed dope sheets for the sound clip so that I have a guide of the sound and when the character needs to be saying and expressing each word. From this I will now rough out a storyboard and animatic to try n fit to the sound and develop the character a little more to make a character or model sheet for.

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