Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Environment Design work

3d Environment Design in Maya

Life Drawing...a few of my favourites...

Character work

3D character modeling in Maya - Morvin and Foon

Concept art for a pitch

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Life Drawing

So I havn't been to life drawing as much as I did in the last two terms..mainly due to training days changing to a thursday this term and other commitments, however I did go to a few and have some drawings to show...

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Morvin and Foon..

I think I have pretty much finished the basics of my models now, they are looking OK and a lot smoother and more finished then I thought they would. I made some tweaks to parts of both of them that looked a bit wrong, such as some joins in the waistcoats and in particular where the waistcoat and arms join. With Foon I made it look more like two separate objects rather then her arms being directly attached and I neatened Morvin's arms, made them look a little more realistic in terms of size and shape. I changed both of their hands, just making them look a little bigger and fatter and not so glove-like. I think there are definite improvements now and they look almost finished. I have also started to add some details such as buttons and edges around the shoes. I will hopefully give them hats for the final pose and position them together.

change in script and new character...

After having our first practise of our pitch and showing our almost final ideas to Derek there were some suggestions of how to change and re-think my script and story a little. To be honest I did think up my story a bit fast just to get that part of it done so that I could get on with parts that I enjoy more such as character designs and things, so now that I've got most of those sorted I was quite happy to try and sort out the script a little bit.
As I had already designed all the characters however I wanted to try and keep the same idea using the same animals. So rather then Terrance giving up on the dating video and going off to find his own mate, I have changed it so that they do send off the video via the postman (shown below) and they actually get all these replies. Terrance isn't very specific in his video that he is trying to a femail Tapir and so gets replies back from a variety of animals which he goes to meet with one by one...all turning out pretty disasturous until he eventually finds other tapirs. He goes off with them leaving Baz all alone. However after some time he realises he doesn't really fit in with the other tapirs and doesn't get on with the females and so goes back to find Baz, finding that a good friend, no matter who they are is more important.

concept artwork and final designs...

Below are some concept design ideas for possible scenes in the short animation for my pitch. I have done them quite simple and in a quite a hand drawn style, colouring with paint and then going over them in Photoshop slightly just to highlight and create some shadows. They aren't as distance or carry as much depth as my backgrounds as they are not layered at all and are just flat drawings, however hopefully they are clear as possible images and scene ideas.

In this scene Terrance is becoming quite down about not being able to find a mate or anyone of his own species and starts to doubt if there is any one else out there like him.

The scene below shows Terrance peering into the forest at another animal that he thinks could be a Tapir (as it turns out it is a male rhino!) Baz has just caught him up and looks around to see what he is looking at.

This next scene is from the camcorder viewpoint that Baz still has from making Terrance's video. Terrance is trying to move a Dormouse out of the way, but when he taps it it actually rolls off into a lake. I think there could potentially be some really interesting viewpoints using the camcorder for a few of the shots, and they can be easily defined by the red veiwfinder as shown in the image below. It should therefore be clear to the audience that hese are the parts being filmed by Baz.

This is the picture I am going to use for the main title page, showing the idea of the story with Baz filming Terrance. The title, which is now 'Endangered Love' for the dating service he send the video into, will be placed in the centre.

This is the my final image showing the way I want the piece to look. It has layered backgrounds built up in Toon Boom for depth and I think it has quite a lot fo distance, with Baz and Terrance looking through the grass to see the scene. This could possibly be used as the scene where Terrance pulls back the grass to see his fellow Tapirs in the water.