Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Morvin and Foon..

I think I have pretty much finished the basics of my models now, they are looking OK and a lot smoother and more finished then I thought they would. I made some tweaks to parts of both of them that looked a bit wrong, such as some joins in the waistcoats and in particular where the waistcoat and arms join. With Foon I made it look more like two separate objects rather then her arms being directly attached and I neatened Morvin's arms, made them look a little more realistic in terms of size and shape. I changed both of their hands, just making them look a little bigger and fatter and not so glove-like. I think there are definite improvements now and they look almost finished. I have also started to add some details such as buttons and edges around the shoes. I will hopefully give them hats for the final pose and position them together.

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