Tuesday, 1 June 2010

change in script and new character...

After having our first practise of our pitch and showing our almost final ideas to Derek there were some suggestions of how to change and re-think my script and story a little. To be honest I did think up my story a bit fast just to get that part of it done so that I could get on with parts that I enjoy more such as character designs and things, so now that I've got most of those sorted I was quite happy to try and sort out the script a little bit.
As I had already designed all the characters however I wanted to try and keep the same idea using the same animals. So rather then Terrance giving up on the dating video and going off to find his own mate, I have changed it so that they do send off the video via the postman (shown below) and they actually get all these replies. Terrance isn't very specific in his video that he is trying to a femail Tapir and so gets replies back from a variety of animals which he goes to meet with one by one...all turning out pretty disasturous until he eventually finds other tapirs. He goes off with them leaving Baz all alone. However after some time he realises he doesn't really fit in with the other tapirs and doesn't get on with the females and so goes back to find Baz, finding that a good friend, no matter who they are is more important.

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