Monday, 23 November 2009

beginning lip sync and tidying up...

Having had a crit this morning, smaller details that I could improve in the animation were pointed out, which was really helpful so I could change them straight away to get the character animation looking better before focusing on the lip sync and facial expressions. For example when the character sits down, to emphasize his size I made the sofa cushions dip and added in a few frames to show him sitting down heavily. However because he is such a huge character this could be exaggerated even more and I added in a few frames of the character further down on the sofa to really show his weight having an impression on it. There was also a frame in the arm point that shouldn't have been there which looked a little odd, and I made the pan faster to really get it whizzing into the past. In the final version I will have the end scene holding for longer then in this version so that you can see what is happening...


I then had a look at some lip syncing ideas in books and on the internet and drew out a few that I could use, changing them to fit to my characters face. I started the lip sync today and did the first small section before he sits down. I think this looks ok, but as its only very short its hard to see how correct and realistic it looks. It definitely doesn't look as though it fits at the end, however I think that's just because I held the end frame so I had enough frames to make a movie, and hopefully when the mouth and face movement continue with the sound it'll fit in alright.


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