Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Today I wanted to get as much of the lip-sync part of the animation done as possible, so that I could test it with the sound and see if anything needed changing.
This is how it is looking so far...

I think that some of it works, and it is looking ok, however somethings don't look right, for example the timing is now all a little out, particularly with the movement of him rolling over. I think this is just due to the fact that I havn't put the holds in the right places and I havn't edited this version the same way that I did with my previous attempts. As the very beginning part isn't in it yet as well, it is hard to see the timing and exactly where it should start with the speech. When I put this part in hopefully the piece will time out better.
Looking at the lip-sync in particular, it seems to be working, however due to timing again a few frames are out, and I may need an extra frame where he says nine cans as you can really see him close his mouth, making it look as though he's not really talking.

So I will work on this again and try and get it looking a little better, as well as adding in the beginning scenes and ending.

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