Friday, 20 November 2009

Continuing conversations and life drawing...

I think I'm doing quite well keeping the 'conversations' drawing project going along side the other projects. I make sure that I do a few drawings most days either from photos, tv programmes or films or just sitting around with friends. The first few shown here are from the day we acted out a few different scenes in class and took photos to work from...

I think these went ok, but i did pretty much all of them quickly as very sketchy drawings and not very detailed. It helped to get the idea of proprtions and getting the characters to look like they were interacting from their stance and body language alone.

I then did a mixture of drawings from films and just observational drawings. Some of these I did quickly as the live action continued to get a very fast drawing of lines just indicating where the people are and who they are communicating with.
I also did a few with animals to show similarities between their stance and what makes it clear who/what they are interacting with. I found its very much due to the body language, but in particular it is clearer when the facial features are drawn in, or at least a cross making the head more 3D and it clearer which way the character is facing.

The drawings below are ones where I took more time in putting a little more detail in. Most of these are from photos I found or stills from DVDs. I think having drawn much quicker communicative drawings earlier, it helped to really get a feel for the body language and the importance of the way the characters are standing and positioned came across a little better in these then in some of my previous drawings.

I also did some using pets and animals to show the way owners interact with animals and also just how animals interact with eachother. I found this quite interesting as it is so similar to human behaviour with the way they hunch over something and look in such detail and interest at things in the environment.

More from tv/photos...

Generally I think I'm improving with the conversational drawing. I think my drawing has loosened up a bit and I'm definately getting used to drawing quickly and getting down only the information needed to know where/what the characters are suggesting.
I would however in this last week of the project really try out some different materials to draw on and with, to give each drawing different textures and feels and just be more experimental with it, as so far this is what I feel I'm lacking, particularly when looking through all the work I've done for this particular project.

Life Drawing...

Again this week after having a weeks break from life drawing it was good to get back into it, but it did take some warming up. I think my first few drawings aren't as good as some of the later ones, and I've found that I definately prefer the shorter poses where I can get the necessary information down on the page but don't go into too much detail. I found that I am able to get much more life and movement into these types of drawings rather then the longer ones where I draw the character quickly then tend to focus on the shading with the proportions not being quicte right. I therefore think with the longer poses I should work on getting the figure right before adding in the weight.

Below is am example of contour drawings where we did this for 10 minutes and drew without looking at the paper to get the idea of the shape and to make sure we were looking at the model in more detail and for more time then we were looking at our drawings. Therefore not very successful drawings, but it definately helped to get more of a idea of what I should be focusing on and the line and 3D shape of the figure.

My final page I was quite happy with and I used drawing pens which I hadn't used in life drawing before. I've decided that I quite like this medium as its fast, flows well and I feel I can outline the figure and get a line of movement quite sucessfully with it without being as sketchy and feathery in the line as I am with pencil.

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