Friday, 30 October 2009

life drawings and continued 'conversations' project

Above are drawing from my sketchbook that I have done for the 'coversations' project. I think I'm getting used to drawing things faster and taking in the action and what is happening in the situation a little more and getting it down on paper. Most of the above drawings are from tv programmes that I was watching and paused quickly to sketch out. I think next it would be a good idea to stop pausing the film and try and get as much information from the scenes down as possible so that the action keeps moving and I can try and draw the images from memory or as it moves.

Doing some acting was quite funny in our lesson and I think some pretty good conversational photos were taken that we can work from. I will therefore also use these to maybe do some more detailed and neater drawings from to improve on drawing situations like these accurately.

The next lot of images are from the last life drawing class I went to. I unfortunately missed the previous two, and this stood out in my first few drawings. I think there is a noticable improvement from the start to the end of the session.

We started out by drawing the figure without looking at the paper to get more of an idea about shape and lines and how to visualise what we are putting down on paper.

We continued to do some really fast poses and a mixture of longer ones. I think I prefer to do the faster ones, trying to get the information down and because you can see the movement between the poses. However when doing this I tend to leave out a lot of detail such as hands, feet and facial features which is probably what I need most practise at.

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