Friday, 30 October 2009

emotion change animation....

Above is the final of my emotion change animation that I handed in. I started by working my way through really rough sketches of the character and what I wanted him to do and the emotion I wanted him to go through. From this I then built up and did straight through animation with the purple lines and then went over them, filling the character out a bit with the black outlines.

I think the movement I was aiming for and the emotion change is there, but I think it could have been exaggerated even further. For example, my character is moving quite quickly at the beginning of the sequence, however it could have been even more jumpy and excited and really exaggerate the key poses and maybe have had less inbetweens to fasten up the movement. Similarly, when he realises there isn't anything inside, he could be moving even more slowly, and sort of sulk back down into the sitting position, and really emphasise how upset he is by making him move in an extremely gloomy and dissappointed way.

I did go through and draw out the lines of action in the key poses, which I think are quite good and work well, however you don't notice them as much when the piece is playing and eveything is moving and I feel perhaps these too could have been taken even further and really stretched them.

When watching it there appears to be quite a noticable change in the dimensions of the character. I thought having sketched it out and outlined it I would have avoided this or noticed it more when I was drawing the shape of the character. I need to take more care in making the character remain the same size thoughout and I think if I hadn't have gone over him with the black lines there probably wouldn't be a very noticable change in mass.

Having said that, I am pleased with the final outcome and I think the mood change is visable which was the point of the task, even if it could have been exaggerated a little more.

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