Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Advanced Maya project...

If I'm honest I havn't got very far with this project yet. I really wanted to try and get into Maya this year and I'm positive I still will, but as this project is the optional one, I'm finding that I'm pushing it to the back of my 'to do' list and getting the character animation and drawing side of things done first..which I suppose is a good thing..except I'm getting a bit lost with this now!
So far I've taken the photos and managed to line them up in photoshop to use as reference in Maya. I have staretd to model my face, however I have definately made waaaaaay to many polygons when adding all my edge loops. I have the basics of my face, and from the side I can see similarities..its heading in the right direction, however due to all the points I've made, the more i tweak it and pull and push it, the more out of shape it's getting and I'm forever finding bits sticking out in all kind of odd places. SO...the plan is, to remove a fair few of my polygon and loops to make the model much simpler. By doing this I'm hoping it will be much easier to get into the right shape. Having done this I can then duplicate and reverse it and start modelling the other side of my face.

After this I need to try creating the eye. Although this was last week I still need to get it done, and I think working from my notes and what Georg told us in the lesson I should be able to do this a little more successfully! so..lots to do for this one :S

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