Wednesday, 21 October 2009

weight lifting...

So our next assignment for character animation was to animate a figure lifting/pushing an object in order to show weight. When first thinking about it, you wouldn't think it would be hard to make a big block or rock look heavy, but when you're animating it, suddenly you realise it's just a drawing on paper or an object in Maya and doesn't have any is therefore completely up to the character and the way it reacts to the object to make it appear heavy.

Again I wanted to try it out in a few different mediums and see which one turned out best. So far I have managed to complete it in 2D, which took longer then I thought, and there are still some areas I would change and maybe add a few frames into to get it working a bit better...

For example the first part where the character is sizing up the object..thinking about how to lift it probably needs a bit longer and a few more frames in it to make him move a bit more smoothly. Similarly the step up to the object could have a few extra frames again just to make the walk better and prehaps exaggerate him taking on the challenge.
The lift itself is ok. I could have put a bit more of a struggle into it, such as straining a bit more, or shaking slightly as he tries to lift, but I think the speed change and body shape shows the weight of the object quite well.
I would like to try a similar action in 3d or stop motion to see how different they look, or if I can get it working a little more smoothly.

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