Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Above is the next stage of my animation. Still quite rough but the timing is working ok, and the piece flows better and quite smoothly. I will continue to change it as I work over and neaten it up a little. Having spoken and looked a lot at the line of action and movement this week, I think that it is really improtant to get this across in my next project. I can see now having watched things like Charlie Chaplin, animations, silent films and even dances such as ballets that tell a story, just how important it is to get the movement across and to exaggerate it. The audience need to be able to understand the movement simply through the actions and the way the characters are moving. It is therefore very important to make the movements as clear as possible so that it is easy for the audience to recognise and understand them. I will make sure that I put this into my characters emotion change by working through the sequence and drawing in the lines in every key frame to make sure they are working.

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