Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Drawing project cont.....

I have done a range of drawings since I last posted the project on here. Some of them are really rough and quick drawings, mainly from TV programmes and films where people are interacting. I thought this was a really good suggestion as the camera really focuses on the body language of the actors and how they are acting towards each other. I found this really useful, particularly to do some faster drawings to try and get as much information about the characters down quickly as the film continued.

From this I found that without detail, it's quite hard to tell what the characters are doing and I think it is important that in furture I need to concentrate on the shape of the figures and almost exaggerate their movements, emphasising what they are doing, particulalry when thinking about animation.

I have also done some more detailed illustrative type drawings to keep up the character design and because I wanted to try some neater, more finished ideas. I got inspiration for these mainly from photos or just thinking up situations that would create good moments between characters. I was quite pleased with the outcome of these and enjoyed doing them.

I really like the illustrative style characters such as of Joanna Quinn, particulalry becasue of the energy and expression she puts into each of her characters.

I think getting the body language and expression into characters the way she does is definately something to aim for and use as inspiration when designing characters and continuing this project.

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