Friday, 30 October 2009


Of all the projects we are doing at the moment, I think the experimental animation is one I need to think about a little more. I really want to try sand animation and just mess around with different mediums, maybe combining them and seeing what works. However I'm yet to actually experiment yet.
I have chosen the piece of music that I want to use and I have gone through it and made a kind of dope sheet, just to get a better idea of where the accents in the music lie in relation to the frames. By doing this it means I can hopefully be really free with the sand or medium and know roughly where the beats in the music are to do something more exaggerated within the image.
I had a very quick try at using couscous to animate with yesterday, however had to leave for work so didn't really get a good chance to actually film anything. I would quite like to try animating with different coloured medium that is sand like. Maybe using chalks to change the colour of salt so that I can use a range of colours and add them to the piece with the sound changes. Maybe if I made enough I could build up the mix of colours so that by the end of the piece I had a whole mixture of colours being manipulated in the scene.
I think I really need to get going on this piece and start to try out a lot more and see what works and what ideas develop from experiments.

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