Sunday, 11 October 2009

Beginning of a new year...

Back here again..and straight into a few new projects, all of which seem really interesting and I can't wait to get into them properly.
I'd never heard of the 10/11 second club before last week, but it's such a good idea and something that would be so good to get into doing every month. I think this would improve my character animation greatly and would be really good practise for lip synch. Having looked at quite a few of the examples on the website however, I do find it a bit intimidating as a lot of people posting on it have a lot of experience and are producing really great quality animation in hardly any time at all! Definately something to aim for though!
I'm not completely sure how or what medium I want to use for the character project. I would love to try out 3D as I still havn't used it for any real project yet, however I think I would be a lot more successful and be able to put much more character into a 2D drawn animation as I feel I have much more control over it. I may try and have a tester of both and see which outcome is more sucessful for me.

I've already found the 'conversations' drawing project helpful when thinking about characters and design in terms of postures, movement, the way people sit, stand, express themselves. I have only done a small number of drawings so far, most of which came from photos I already had. To further this I need to go out and draw people in natural situations.

I'm enjoying getting back into drawing after not doing as much as I should have over the summer. I found I was a little rusty when we had a life drawing session, however towards the end I was improving, but I think it will take a few more lessons to get up to where I was at the end of last year.

The experimental project should be quite good fun. I'm looking forward to trying different techniques and playing around to find an interesting way of animating. It could be really expressive and good practise using music to really get the timing right. Again I don't really know what medium I want to use for this, but I'm up for trying out a few different things to see what works and I also need to decide on one of the pieces of music and start to doodle out a few ideas and images.

So...a lot to get on with! bring it on!

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