Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Experimental animation

Having thought a little more about the experimental project and listened to the music a bit more, there are two pieces that stood out, but one in particular that I'd like to work with which is quite african sounding and fast, with lots of accents that could be used and synchronised with movement.

So far we have looked at quite a lot of pixellated animation, which I think is a really interesting technique and certainly very different to most animation seen.
However, the idea of creating a very expressive piece to music reminds me of the work of Erica Russell. Although her work is planned and probably quite structured, she times everything beautifully and the shapes she uses to create the dancing characters work so smoothly and blend perfectly with the sound. I would love to achieve a piece of animation similar to her work, but in a more experimental way or medium.

I have also looked at work by Caroline Leaf and the idea of sand animation. I have seen quite a lot of this in the past and seen some films of live shows with people creating amazing images changing from one to another in sand. I'd love to know how this can be achieved and look into it a bit more. Maybe it would be possible to combine the two ideas of using images and sequences of changing shapes and dancing movements that Russell creates, however using sand.

Definately need to do more research and some experimenting!!

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