Thursday, 22 October 2009

Trying a 3D lift...

So, I've had a go at doing the 3D Dee character lifting a heavy object. Although it did turn out alot better then I thought it would, there are still all the ususal bits n pieces wrong with it.


There are the odd parts where the hands/arms disappear into the box..which just isn't natural...I really should have made the hands stick to the box so that it moved with the arms of the character once he had hold of it as this would have made it easier to combine the two movements, rather then keying them seperately.

The action of the lifting and manouvering the character around the box to be able to lift it I think is ok and it does look as though he is struggling. However, keeping the hands and box together and the timing definately can be improved. Although he picks up the box slowly due to the weight of it, it would be much more effective if he put more effort into picking it up and having parts where he used strength and the movement gets a bit faster, for example when he manages to get the box onto his shoulder. This would probably be done with a lot more aniticipation and the movement would need to be quick to get the weight up there.'s an attempt for the time being...

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