Thursday, 24 March 2011

Updated animatic...

work from today...I managed to get these scenes below cleaned up and coloured. There is only one very small scene left of this bit, which I have animated..however the scene file has I'll re-do that one later. Other then this, the only parts left to animate are the part where the two men paint the cross on the tree, the celt - which Alberto is working on, and then smaller background parts such as the men throwing logs on the cart and the tree growing as the camera follows it. After that I think the rest will be down to the background designs, pans etc. So although I haven't completed all of the animation as I was hoping, I think with all the software problems we have had, we are still very nearly on target, which is pretty good going. I also wasn't aiming to have the soldier scenes coloured, just animated, so as i did this all at the same time i think it worked out faster and we have more coloured animation.

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