Sunday, 6 March 2011

This weekend Harriet has been flying through the backgrounds so I wanted to try and put a few together to see how they are working. I think the one below is working quite well. Unfortunately toon boom is having a few problems getting things in layers and like to just crash when I try and do things with it, so the layers I will try and do another time. I think the only problem with this one at the moment is that it looks a little steep. Obviously it is on the top of a great big hill, so would be steep, however as the scene is on the top we kind of need it to look nice and flat as otherwise it looks like all the picnic stuff is just going to roll down and the characters sort of look like they are going to fall over.

I think this background is working nicely as well. With both the above and below clips however there is a slight problem with the colouring. the skin colour of the characters needs to be cleaned up or added in both, and there is a some more obvious clean up to do here and there. I'm hoping with some skilful compositing, adding shadows etc the piece will really come together.

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