Friday, 4 March 2011

As yesterday I started the scene with the pregnant lady sitting on the tree, and decided it needed just a little movement for it to make sense and run smoothly with the shot before it, I thought I would just finish off the colour on this one. As the colouring on the project is a little behind and takes a long time, I thought I better start getting used to doing some colouring now as I can imagine this is probably how I am going to spend most of Easter. I think it looks OK, however the difference between the shadow and light on the hair is a bit too dramatic. I think this is because on photoshop where the characters have been designed, the colours can be blended and mixed, where as on here they can't and so are being simplified. I think I need to lighten the colour just slightly to make it look better and more like the original design.

This next clip is a clean-up of a shot I was working on yesterday. It is slot into the shot below just as a different viewpoint.

I then started to organise and look through some things, as well as organising and sorting some scenes to send to the second years for colouring, when I realised one of the scenes I had given Leki to colour hadn't got the actual bomber in the background where it should be. So I had to do a bit of editing and working out an easy way of getting the symbol from the black and white scene into the coloured scene..which proved a lot more difficult then it sounds..or it just refused to work. However we got there eventually...

I then continued to outline the scene I was working on previously. I was really hoping to get a lot further in this scene today, however there were some technical difficulties. As long as I finish this one early next week along with the final shots with the old lady, I should still be pretty much on track with the animation in terms of the targets I have set myself.

So putting it all together, along with the colouring Leki has done so, and a couple of bits of work from the second years, this is the animatic so far...

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