Wednesday, 2 March 2011

This is the work I did today... managed to get the scene with the couple completed as shown below. I am quite happy with it, unfortunately the heart and names the soldier actually scratches into the tree didn't save due to toon boom just not feeling like it! however the important stuff saved fine, so not too much of a problem. it's probably easier to add this part in with the background to make it look more realistic anyway. the two clips below on differ in me changing the timing a little after watching it through, just to slow things down a bit towards the end as they seemed a little rushed.

I then went back to the previous scene as I realised I hadn't added the necklace on the character in this scene which is a pretty vital part of the story. I also went back to a scene I was working on a while ago with the pilot in the tree and added in his parachute to the branches. It's hard to see, however will be a lot clearer when it is coloured as it will show up from the background.

This is the final scene of the shot I was working on today. I initially just did it as a still, however after adding it to the animatic I realised she needed to be continuing the movement from the scene before for it to work well and so added in a few frames before this one below.

The animatic updated...

I am hoping to get the next shot completed by the end of this week of the wife in the scene above with her little girl. This will mean that the following week I can work on the very last scene of the animation, and then go back to the beginning and start working on the scenes that haven't been completed yet, most of which are from the first half of the animation.

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