Monday, 7 March 2011

Below is the work I have been doing recently. I have started to animate the final scenes with the mum and daughter and the old lady. Below is a rough of the old lady scene. This will be cut in with the scene of her daughter and boyfriend together in the distance.

I also managed to get this scene cleaned up. So we have an almost completed shot. It still needs shadows etc... and Harriet is still making tweeks to the background designs, but it's more of an idea of how it will look in the end.

I then went back to working on the scene with the mum and daughter and finished the clean up on this scene today...which for some reason seemed to take forever. Maybe because the scenes are getting longer towards the end, or because I know they are more important scenes I may be spending longer on them trying to get them to look right. Either way, it's done now...

And now I've started to clean up the scene with the old lady, which is again another long scene. I'm hoping to get this one completely finished by the end of the week, including the sections that it cuts to, which should be much shorter. If I get these done this week, I'll have finished the ending scenes of the animation, and the plan is to then go back to the beginning where we are missing about 20 scenes and start there. I'll be glad to get all the key scenes completed, though the beginning really needs to be done as soon as possible so that it actually makes sense!

This week I also received the first minute and half first draft of the music, so tomorrow I will update the animatic again with some music, and hopeful it will be looking a bit more complete!

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