Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thinking about the next bit...

Although I have already started to think about the background designs and concept art for this project, I definately need to look at it in muhc more detail for this next part of the project, and really experiment with the look I want to achieve.

When thinking about the design of the characters I tried out a few ideas, some of which where inspired from the illustrations and poster designs of 1912, however it brought me to look at and think about the soft pastel work of Nadeem that I really love and think would work brilliantly for background designs in an animation.

To start thinking about the layout of the backgrounds, I had another look through books of dieas of what the inside of the titanic looks like and gathered together a few images from them...

Together with the previous ones I found during our initial group research work....

I have quite a collection of the interior designs of the ship.

Working with these I can begin to work through the script and storyboard out a few scenes and how they could look. I want to make the scenes look quite dramatic and interesting, and therefore want to study layout and angles that I could use to make the images and scenes more aesthetically pleasing and different.

I had a look through some animation books to find tips and hints on layout designs, and find some previous pre-production work of layout/background designs. I also really like the style that these backgrounds have been created in.

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