Monday, 8 February 2010

Presentation of research...

Having finished the pre-production research work, looking into the five different scripts and focusing on particular areas, we then presented the final images and findings as a group, showing roughly where we would take inspiration from when designing the concept work of one of the scripts further.

I think we did well as a group to cover pretty much all of the areas needed to have a basis to work from for each script and everyone did a fair share of the research, however I think we all enjoyed looking different areas and time periods.

Now that I have looked at all of the scripts, or parts of them, I have decided for my own project I would like to look in more detail at the Titanic script - 'The Voyage of the Damned'. I think what draws me to this script is the history of the Titanic. Doing research into the interior design of the ship amazed me, and I really enjoyed drawing out the creating some of the dresses and costume designs of this particular time period. For the project I will definitely need to do more research into the Titanic, how it looked, the design, what was available on the ship and the atmosphere, dress, elegance etc. I have already found some books in the library about the Titanic and peoples memories, but I would also like to visit the maritime museum as there is an exhibition there with some information on the subject.

Having chosen this script, I felt I really needed to know and understand it so that I know exactly what's happening in it, who all the characters are and where they are,what their purpose is etc.
So having read it through again, I wrote my own much simplified version of it. I figured this would be a good way to get my head around it, and maybe even change it slightly to my own version, as would naturally happen when you write something out. This can also be used as a short summary in the pre-production bible at the end of the project.

Having decided on the script and having a few ideas of the kind of image I want to create, I now need to really focus on the concept art and looking at examples of styles and designs that I like and think could work well.

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