Thursday, 18 February 2010

life drawing...

Above are my life drawings this week. I am quite pleased with them, however I was having a little more toruble with proportion then normal. I think it maybe due to the fact I was using a donkey and not standing at an easel, and also a lot of the poses were extremely forshortened from where I was standing - great for practsie though. I also had a go at using some quite strong shading this week, and Kathy told me to look at the work of Henry Moore for a few ideas that could haelp me to use my shading and tone for the better in life drawing.

These pieces of artwork by Moore are really interesting in the way he has used light and shading to create the figures. he tends to have the paper quite tonal and the line sketched on top. I particularly like the last one with the very tonal paper and the figures sketched out almost in blocks over the top.

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