Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Yesterday Craig and I spent a long time in the studio trying to get all the different scenes of the animation together, and its starting to look much more finished. By doing this we did notice little areas that needed touching up or changing slightly which we managed to do as we went along. For example we noticed that some areas of colour had moved, some areas where the character had been coloured where actually white where we thought it would appear clear that, when put against a background were much more obvious and needed to be removed, and other small things that aren't clear until you put it all together.
We did however manage to get the majority of the first scene and second scene linking, put some effects in, change the colouring slightly and get most of the last scene together. I think we are pretty much on track, and if we make any changes and links as we put it all together I don't think there will be too much editing to do when we combine it all in premiere.
The underwater scene is also very nearly finished and should be brought into the rest of the piece today. Alex has done a really good job on this part. The only concern I had with it was that it would look different to the rest of the animation due to style differences at the beginning of the project. I think what he has done actually works really well however, and the fact that it may be slightly textured and look a little different works well as it is all underwater and needs to have a different look to exaggerate that fact.
At the moment all the scenes seem to be linking and working with eachother pretty well, which is a relief. There is still one scene a few of us aren't so sure about and whether it will work as effectively when put into the animation. I think to finalise a decision on this we need to put it in and play it as a whole piece to see how it works and if it really does look wrong or doesn't fit with the piece it can always be removed. However I think we need to leave it in for the time being and make the decision when we can see everything completed and together in one short film.

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