Friday, 29 May 2009

Having said all that, our group had a near disaster yesterday when my memory stick with the most up to date work on it completely wiped :( However due to the kindness and genius that is Georg our work was recovered..thank god! So it could have been a lot lot worse and been in a major panic! Now everything is backed up and copied about 6 times in many different places around the studio we are hopeful it wont happen today!!

Yesterday we got all the scenes running together allowing us to work on any linking scenes and making any final changes that we picked up on. For example in the rugby scene the ball flew off the screen in the wrong direction making the sequence hard to follow and by simply flipping this scene suddenly it made a lot more sense visually. As we edited this and had to export it again we thought we may as well edit the background crowd character which Andy noticed was bigger then the house he was standing next to, and made him a more realistic size!

I also picked up on a slight colour disappearance in the first cricket scene that we changed and input the scene again. Having made final changes to the main scenes we then looked at how they all worked together and most of them were as expected and flowed quite well. The end scene from the fish and chips still however looked very fast and you couldn't really tell what was happening clearly, so we made a new scene for this panning out from where the fish and chips lie on the bench to the final scene. This definitely brought the scenes together and flowing in a much simpler and aesthetically pleasing way. We also added in some fading in and out of scenes to gradually move from one to the other in a smoother way then just cutting. I am pleased with the way all the scenes run together now and I think it's really working as one piece of work.

I edited the main voice of Winnie yesterday to make the timing correct for the animation and to make sure the speech was all in sync. As a group however we also recorded some background noises yesterday morning for the running, hitting, catching, splashing noises etc. to put in the background along with crowd noises and background sound. Alex is adding this into the animation this morning and then we will make any final tweeks before rendering out and submitting the piece.

Having watched it through I've also noticed that what is written in the final credits isn't quite right and some of the text needs to be changed which I will work on this morning while the sound is finished. All the of the pre-production work is all scanned in and in a file ready to be submitted, however due to the size of the animatic and large picture files we had to be quite selective. We just need the 3 stills to add to it from the final piece.

so...without jinxing it, today it should all work out nicely and we should be finished well on time with everything completed and happy with.

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