Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Getting it all together...

Now that the majority of the main animated areas are finished as a group we started to put it all together on saturday. Having realsied we have a lot of organising and arraging to do, we also found there were a lot of small bits we wanted to do just to make things look a bit better or more finished now that we aren't so worried about the major parts of the animation being finished. For example small parts of background animation and minor character animation I think will really help to make this short animation. For example in the first/last talking scenes there is character animation from Winnie and the lipsync parts, however this takes place on quite a large background where we could also have smaller things happening alongside. We have a small bird character next to winnie and rain in the first scene to use and birds in the background of the last scene. It would be nice to give some movement to the backgrounds as long as we don't over animate them and take the main focus away from Winnie as the main character. I have done some birds for the last background as shown in the videos below as well as tried some rough title animation to see how the style may work.

I'm not sure about the titles as I think they look a bit too roug, but hopefully we can discuss this as a group today and perhaps works on them a bit more together and find something we all like. As well as the opening titles we also need to consider what will need to go at the end and any other information we must have in the animation titles from the brief.

Before this however we must get every scene from the animation together in one movie and working together so that we can see how all the scenes link and if any linking scenes/editing between them is necessary and to make sure they all work together colour-wise and use filters etc to make them more consistant throughout the short film.

So, still a lot to be done and a long way to go, but I can see us getting there and after seeing everyone today and getting it together a little more I think it will be much clearer what we need to do to get it finished well for friday.

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