Thursday, 21 May 2009

tracing and colouring...

Having started on the colouring and shading for each scene I'm more confident we will get the animation finished and working quite well as one piece. Over the past few days I have developed, traced, coloured and shaded a few of the scenes as shown in the videos uploaded. After James traced out my lip sync to get the correct style of line we wanted I then coloured this, along with tracing and colouring Jess' cricket scenes and starting to colour the rugby one. I also did a final scene of Winnie relaxing in the sun as Craig suggested which we can use to finish the animation off..maybe panning out from this pose as a final image. Now that we have had more recent group meetings we are much clearer on where everyone is at and what is left to be done. Hopefully we should have all of the colouring, shading and compositing done by saturday afternoon. After this the post-production work can really start. I think having the production working as one piece will be a relief and will also help us to properly determine what needs to be done in post. It will be nice to get the animation and backgrounds working and looking right when put together, as at the moment there is a slight different look between the two in some scenes. However I think that in post we will be able to match up the colouring using different filters and tones to make the two work well together. I think having everyone in the group working on different scenes to start with worked well, however I definately think a little more communication over the past week would have benefitted and confirmed where everyone was and what had been done. As it has now got to a more developed stage it is important that each scene has consistancy with the Winnie character and colouring which I think we have managed quite well and any differences canbe sorted in post. Having almost completed all of the animated parts I can't wait to see a final scene and how it will work, now it is more finished then the tests and has developed from the animatic.

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