Thursday, 18 March 2010

Having got most of the the other projects kind of out the way now, I can start to focus much more on the 3rd year project I'm working on, which will be really good as I feel I havn't really put as much as I could into this one.
I had a good chat last time with Justin and Andy about one of the scenes I'm trying to animate, which I thought wouldn't be too hard, but for some reason has turned out to be. I was finding it hard to imagine the character walking forward towards the screen and actually making him look as though thats what he is doing, but without getting bigger as the camera is supposedly following his movement. After talking with Andy I feel a bit clearer about how to achieve this now and have had another go at it.

(unfortunately uploading videos is proving impossible on here at the moment!!)

We have all now been given a set of scenes to go on with the animation for the film. I think the best way to tackle these is just to get going on flash and try and get the movement down for each frame, send them to Justin to see what needs changing or making better/different, then making them look more finished, colouring etc.

Videos are on their way when they will upload to show some more progress with this.

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