Thursday, 4 March 2010

giving the characters colour...

Having now got the backgrounds well underway and having decided on a design for them, I then started to finalise my character designs, keeping the backgrounds in mind so that the styles of the two matches and worked when put together.
For each character I drew out an introduction close-up, along with turn arounds and model sheets.
I also developed the Bannakaffalatta character a bit more as I didn't get much time to work on him before the last hand in and therefore rushed his design a little. After looking at a few more ideas I made a final character for him. I'm still not as pleased with him as I am the other characters, however as his cyborg body is covered throughout pretty much the whole script and he is in a 1920s style suit, it was only his head I could focus on, which is scripted as conker-like.

Having made the final designs I then began to colour them as well, printing them very faded I worked over my drawn images to have a pastel/watercolour appearance with no black outline. I really like the style I did the doctor in, with the strong shadows and would like to use the same for the other characters. However I didn't want to use this style for the turn arounds as I don't think they would be very clear. Having scanned the characters in, I will work over them slightly in photoshop to add in shadows and make them more dramatic, and also bring in the style I want to use with the shadows for the concept art.

coloured characters....

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