Monday, 22 November 2010


Having finished the storyboard and animatic up to a point where I am quite happy with it (I am sure it will change again in the future!) I have started to plan out and think about all of the layouts and backgrounds I will need for the piece. Although there appears quite a lot, I think the majority of them will have part of the landscape in the background, whether it is very small in the far distance, or focused in on it at the landscape is developing and changing. this means that the background landscape is an essential part of the piece and it needs to look the same, or like part of one complete landscape no matter what angle the shot is being taken from. I have therefore drawn out a pan of a landscape which runs from the front main shot of the tree in the centre, out and around, to the view at the back of the tree, so that hopefully if the two ends of the drawing met it would create a complete circle around the tree, as if you were standing in the position of the tree.

It is just the initial sketch idea and I will work on this and other backgrounds over the next few days...

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