Friday, 19 November 2010


I spoke to Kathy about the colour and design for the backgrounds yesterday as this is something I definitely need advice with. Colour has never been one of my strong points and I need to make sure I get it looking right for this piece.

To get a style I started to look at different examples of other works and background designs. I really like the watercolour style pieces and I think this would work well for the piece and the story. I need to keep the colour palette quite neutral with the tree being the main focus and the characters fitting in with the backgrounds, however standing out enough for them to be clear to the audience and easy to see.

When I started to design the project I took inspiration from illustrations by Axel Scheffler for the Gruffalo. I really like the line style used and imitated this, particularly for the main tree. I still want to maintain this line in the closer shots and anything in the foreground, with them becoming thinner and faded towards the distance. However design-wise I want to focus on water-colour styles as the top three images are below, using quite soft neutral colours and shading.

So I have started to put together a bit of a colour palette to base the background designs on. This will be developed further, particularly as I start creating the final layouts and designs. As the characters are being re-worked at the moment, their colours are changing slightly, and these will fit to the background colours and work with them. I will need to do some trials and colour tests to check how everything is working.

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