Monday, 15 November 2010

After hearing that my idea was one of the ones that got through I'm more determined then ever to get it developed, get all the pre-production completed and perfected and get into production as soon as possible. There is so much to do and time seems to be flying by!

Over the last week, I focused on dissertation reading and planning for the first half of the week, whilst waiting for results from the pitches, and then started to draw out a full storyboard and create an animatic once we had had some news. I have almost completed this now and it is true to the sript as it stands, however I think this will be changed, tweaked and developed further over the next few weeks, so could be changing. I think I need to speak to the tutors more to determine changes that need to be made and finalising the script as much as possible, as it makes it hard to move on to layouts and background designs without knowing which backgrounds will or wont be used in production.

Luckily Harriet has agreed to develop the design of the piece a litte further and is looking at the character designs at the moment to improve the final look of them. Leki has also agreed to help out in the project with the designs and pre-production work that needs to be done. Now there are a couple on board with the project I feel it is more managable and achievable. Hopefully I will be able to get some people interested in doing some 2D animation by the time it comes to the production side of things so that there is a bit more of a team to spread the workload out!

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