Saturday, 27 November 2010

The beginnings of a background...

For the test shot I decided to do the scene with the dog walker as it is a very short part but will show the piece and how it will look. I have started the background for this part to try and test it and the colours. Harriet has done the design for the character already and is working on the turn around. I really want to have a short bit if animation done for the hand in so that I can see it coming together and how it looks before christmas. I will hopefully have more backgrounds and layouts drawn out over the next few weeks and Leki has agreed to help with the colouring.

So this is how it is looking so far...I need to work on the tree a bit,I think it has too many tones on it and needs simplifying colour-wise, and more tonal sketching on it. I have realised that I will definitely need a full colour turn around and model sheet of the tree so that it looks like the same tree in every shot..another job that will be done in the next weeks.

The tree looks quite strangely proportioned below, but this is because of the way I want the camera to pan in the shot and I'm hopign it will look right when I use it as a background.

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