Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Updating the animation

Having handed in the rough draft we have now had some useful feedback so that we can make the final edits and adjustments to the animation. Most of these adjustments are in the scene layouts and compositions of the shots. I have had pretty good feedback from Andy already and have started to make changes...

In pretty much every scene I have adjusted the positioning of the characters. In many of them the characters were very much on the edges of the scenes which didn't really make any sense. So, a lot of the have been moved over or complteely repositioned.

Two of the biggest changes are in the picnic scene and the transition from the hippies to the couple standing on the edge of the hill. I think the changes that have been made will be clear in the updated version, however, the picnic scene has just been reconstructed in a different order moving characters and adding/taking out characters so that it all makes a bit more sense, and I do think it works better this way around.
I have added in a completely new scene inbetween the hippies and couple to try and get across the idea that the woman is the same person just later in life. So there is a cross fade focusing front on to this character so suggest as time lapse and that it is the same character which I think will work better. Hopfully the next couple of times this happens after this, it will be clearer that it is the same woman.
To also help with this the woman is now dressed in yellow throughout the shots that she is in, hopefully to brin the idea that they are all the same person together a little more...

At the moment I am working on pans...just making them come in and out smoothly in toon boom, and I will also try and work out how to do as many effects as possible that we need or will help the animation. I have another meeting with both Andy and Derek to go through scene by scene again so will hopefully make the last changes over thursday and friday. The city scenes should hopefully be completed by monday as well. The timing of the animation should therefore be set by the end of monday for final composite of the music to be created.

By here's the changes for now.....

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