Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Term...

Over Christmas I focused my work on my dissertation as I was away from the studio. I am very glad I did this as I now feel more comfortable with the dissertation side of things and feel I have got much further into it and am now on target with it. This however did mean that work on the project stopped for a while. At the beginning of Christmas I split the animation into scenes with each one on a separate page and a tick sheet to keep organised and sorted with what parts of the animation have or need to be done.
We have decided to split the animation up a bit so that I am focusing on the animation, whilst Harriet focuses on the background designs and Leki works on the colouring. Hopefully this will work well and let each of us focus more on our interests and particular areas so that each part is as good as it can be.
We are going to try and get a pipeline going when we have more people on board. Hopefully I will have some willing second and maybe even first years to work on it so that there can be some people animating and the passing the scenes onto people to colour. Hopefully this will speed up the process a little and make sure it's all a bit more accurate as at the moment I am doing the animation and then colouring straight away, which can lead to mistakes due to swapping between things a lot.
After discussing things over today, we thought it was best to get the layouts done and drawn out first as this will mean as soon as we have other people on board, we can distribute the scenes out giving them the instructions and a clear layout for the animation. Harriet and I will go through these tomorrow and hopefully have a good amount drawn up by the end of the week, ready to get animating next week. With the animation in progress Harriet and Leki are then going to create the final versions of the background layouts.
So...all being well..this is the plan.

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