Tuesday, 26 October 2010

character designs

Below are some character designs I have been working on over the last few days. I wanted the characters to be quite simple but also quite sketchy and stylised. I went through the script designing the main characters and ended up going back to my normal kind of style. I found that if I made the characters really stylised then it would be hard to show differences in them and also the fact that time is moving on which is usually shown by clothing and styles.
I love the really simple designs like those in Father and Daughter and would like to use something similar to these, however I think with the script I have that would become very complicated as it wouldn't be clear whether characters were returning or whether they were new characters, and the time change wouldn't be as clear. I think the way to overcome this if I really wanted a far more stylised piece is to find a way to differentiate them easily, or to make the characters in the story a little simpler. I think the best way could be to try drawing out a few in a very particular style and seeing if I can characrise them. For now however I did the characters below, some of which worked quite well and maintained some of the sketchy style I was going for after being coloured.

Colour Ideas for the characters designs

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