Monday, 10 May 2010


This is my model so far. I have done more to the legs and feet and started to do very basic arms and am hoping to get the body finished today other then details I can add in later. I had a go at the head and face but it was a complete fail so I just deleted it and will try again once I've finished the body. I think it is looking OK at the moment, but there are still some parts which are looking very square. I think I need to sort these parts out before I add in any more detail. It looks better when its smooth, however there are noticeable parts such as the jacket which just don't fit together properly when in this mode. So maybe I should finish it, change it to smooth and then sort out any areas that don't quite look right. I really want to get started on my second model so that I have both of them done to a basic standard, and am hoping that the second one should be easier now that I've made all the mistakes and found out what doesn't work on the first!

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