Thursday, 27 May 2010

Background designs for pitch...

Initial sketches

These are the sketches I used to work my background designs from. I started by doing a few thumbnails of the kind of composition I wanted to create and to get ideas of where I could create the space for the animation to take place. I then drew out the backgrounds below and scanning them in, painted them and worked over them.

Colour versions

Here are the next stages of my backgrounds in colour. I mainly used a mixture of acrylics and coloured pencils to outline or highlight areas. After this I then scanned them in again so that I could work over them on the computer.

Final backgrounds

I really wanted to create a feeling of depth and distance in my backgrounds similar to the backgrounds in Kung Foo Panda and the ones used for the Olympic Monkey ad. To tyr and achieve this, I broke my backgrounds down into layers, cut them up and put them into Toon Boom where I could actually place each layer of the background really far away from one another, exaggerating the distance between the layers and hopefully giving the backgrounds more depth. I also worked over each layer making the ones further away lighter and slightly colder colours, and bringing the images in the foreground into quite bold and strong colours.

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