Monday, 2 March 2009

pitching and Live at 5...

This week we did our pitches for the ChewTV idents. It was great seeing everyones different ideas and unbelievable how many variations can come from the group, particularly when everyone has been given the same brief.
I think my pitch was ok, perhaps a big less detailed then some as my powerpoint consisted of hand drawn storyboard images and wasn't as finalised, however this leaves me more room for development and to make changes. I know what kind of style I would like to do it in, however forgot to mention it due to nerves of presenting my idea in front of quite a big group.
Although my idea does include the spacey-type theme that the Chew Tv flyer is in, its quite a different style to the futurist, new, modern look of the website. I still think it could work however, as I would quite like to combine both 3D (probably background) with a more traditional style, maybe quite sketchy looking, for the characters and movement. This would almost be like the new flashy logo flying or crashing down on the older style of animation. I have to be careful that there is consistancy though and make sure that it doesn't look like two seperate animations.
Although I missed the seminar today due to being on Live at Five duty, I have read the notes and realised it's going to be really important to be really organised over the next few weeks to get all the work done to develop and create the animation. First job is to make a timetable and stick to it as much as possible, and get on with it!

Live at Five...

It was really interesting today to be part of the graphics team for live at five. The daytime wasn't as hectic as I thought it would be in the studio. Most of the graphics worked pretty well so it was mainly a matter of inputting the right information and making sure the timing was right and what the broadcast students wanted.
I worked on the weather maps, changing the symbols (cloudy and rainy) temperatures and wind speed and direction, as well as creating the surf report and high tide times. Luckily we didnt come across too many problems, and working with others we managed to make the rain animated in time for the broadcast which was the first time this was used. As a group everyone worked well together and got everything done efficiently and on time under the direction of Orla who did really well as the Producer.
After making a few last minute changes to some names and spelling everything was ready to go and we were able to watch both the tests and actual filming of the Live at Five news report. It was really good to see the broadcast students in action and the studio seemed buzzing and pretty manic compared to our chilled out approach in the animation studio with the graphics side of things. It was rewarding watching the graphics we had produced coming up on the screen alongside the reporters, and quite relieving that they all worked.
Today definately gave me a taster of what it could be like working with or even for others to quite a tight deadline, getting information given to you with which you do the best you can hoping it wont be sent back as it's not quite what they wanted.
It was a good experience where I learnt a lot about working within a team and with a new group of people, and below are some of the stills from the part of the graphics that I worked on...

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