Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Developing ident

My aims for today were to complete my hand drawn animatic, and try and finish my more developed flash one. I definately managed to finish the first rougher animatic, but by doing this I then realised what I needed to work on developing my ident idea. I went back to my storyboard and made some changes. My animatic turned out to be around 20 seconds long which is way too long for the supposedly 5 second ident. So I made some changes to the script and ending. These changes I have drawn out as a new storyboard and I will put to the test in the flash animatic so I can see, hopefully, some improvements. I also looked at some different artists and styles of animation to see the kind of thing I would like to produce. For example I found a short animation from Tandem Films which I really like the look of, mainly because of the mix of styles - the sketchy foreground against the more realistic background... So for my ident I think I would like to combine a 3D background with a sketchy Flash foreground. I therefore tried to create a Maya sky dome, just to see what I could do. I think this could work quite well, however I only did it quickly and will try and make a good version when I have more time. My rough animatic and the beginning of my flash one are below. Hopefully I will have the flash one finished with the new ending tomorrow as well as develop the character designs and the background sorted.

..the end of my animatic...

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