Sunday, 15 March 2009

getting there....

For the past week I have been working hard to get my animation developed and finished for the deadline. When watching everyone else in the studio working on modelling their 3D objects I'm quite glad that I chose to do 2D for this particular project. I have learnt so much about Flash in the past few days by trial and error and a lot from Andys help, but it has been so useful and a great way to learn by throwing yourself in the deep end and working your way through. For the next project I think I may need to do the same for 3D as it seems everyone has found it such a good way of learning the programs.

So far my animation has come together quite well. I've now finished all the main animated parts, which is a relief, and I now have to focus on editing and effects that will hopefully make the piece as a whole look more effective.

Things to work on and change:
- the beginning scene I may put something in the foreground e.g. a tree or branches. This was a suggestion from Andy that I think would work really well to show the distance and layering of the piece. I think it would bring the scene together really well. Also in the first scene I need to sort out the shadows and colouring of the scene. For example the light should come in from the moon lighting up the sky around it, the land directly in front and it would also give the trees and house shadows which I could put in.
- In the second scene I think I should change the motion path of the asteroid so that it moves a little further across the sky, as at the moment it almost looks like the scene is cut off as it doesn't finish its journey across the screen. I also need to work on lighting again showing how the asteroid is affecting the sky so that the two layers look more together as one image.
- In the thrid scene where you see the characters reactions I need to add in shadows behind the characters and also have the effects of the asteroid coming closer showing on the characters e.g. subtle flame flickers lighting up their faces so that it is clear what they are watching.
- Again in the last scene I need to work on the lighting, shadows and the effect of the asteroid and the colours and shadows it would give off around the scene. After I have worked on these aspects I think that the animation will come together a lot more. I also need to think about effects such as easing in and out of shots.

After making these changes and alterations I will look at the piece again and see what other improvements I can make. I also really need to work on the sound for the ident. I was thinking of having some acoustic guitar music, or maybe I should just use some sound effects and have quite a silent night, peaceful scene that gets interrupted by an asteroid. I think I'll have a play around with editing some sound, putting it into the animation and seeing what works and what doesn't.

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