Saturday, 21 February 2009

Live @ 5 and Chew tv...

Due to being really ill the Sunday and Monday of the live at five I was timetabled to do, I missed my groups day on duty and working for the day with the broadcast journalism students. I'm really annoyed I couldn't be there as I feel I need to get to grips with After Effects a little better and it would be really good to see it all in action and actually going towards something with a set time and deadline. So that I know what it is like and get a feel for it, I'm hoping I can help out with the next group on monday, even if I don't get a chance to do much, it would be nice to help out as much as I can and see how everything works and comes together.

Chew Tv...

I'm quite excited about the new brief we have been given to make an ident for Chew TV. There seems to be quite a lot of freedom when it comes to coming up with ideas, and from speaking to others and seeing a few peoples initial ideas it seems there are going to be a huge range of ideas.
At the moment I have looked up quite a few existing idents, and taken into account the style/colouring of the chewtv logo and what they are aiming for with their new website design etc. I have quickly drawn up a few ideas as shown below...

Although I have a few ideas, I'm not sure how well they would actually work for what ChewTV want or how they would be done. I'm really interested in stop motion animation and can't wait to learn more about it and practise it a bit more.I would really like to incorporate this somehow into my idea, however I'm not sure that it would really fit for the ident. For example I could imagine creating the monster character above and doing a stopmotion piece using that idea,perhaps combining it with a 3D background, however for what the tv channel want it doesn't really fit well with the age range or the new look they are going for. I generally got the feeling they were after something more spacey, whizzy based on the colours, quite a graphic style.
I think I'll continue to develop a few different ideas, try to combine them so that I'm doing what I want but making sure I include what the company want and maybe try a few out before I decide on one to pitch to the ChewTV man.

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Chew TV said...

Hey Steph, as well as getting your ident screened on the BBC Big Screens Nationally last year we’ve entered it into our Ident You Decide competition where the creator of the ident with the most ‘likes’ on the Chew TV Network Facebook page wins two tickets to the Relentless Boardmasters Festival in August.

Basically, the most popular ident wins so find your ident on the facebook group, and get all your friends to 'like' yours!!! :)

The competition will run from Tuesday 22nd June until Midnight, July 31st. We will announce the winners shortly after.