Thursday, 12 February 2009

Horray, finished things at last! Was really good to get the essay handed in so I could forget about it...dreading getting it back though!
I have added some lights and a few other objects into my 3D environment as shown in the photo above. It is definately looking better then before, however I could still improve it and make a lot of changes.

Compared to my original drawing of the attic (which now I think looks more like a garage :S) there are a few differences. I added in a rocking horse and bike and a few other objects just to have more practise with modelling and to try a few different things. I also had to change the way the light was coming into the image. I had planned to use a beam of light shining in to light up one area of the image in particular. I tried to do this using a spotlight, but I don't really know how to create a light beam through the room. I tried various ways, but couldn't work it out so in the end I created a little light towards the back of the room that I could have a main light source from, as well as having other spotlights around the room.
If I were to change the room, I think I would spend longer trying to get the modelling better.Although I tried to create some different objects, most of them are just cubes and look pretty simple and lack the intricate details they could have to make them look better. I would also spend more time choosing the materials and textures to attribute to the objects to make them appear a little more realistic.
I'm definately going to read up more about the 3D side of things and what's possible, and what everything does in Maya. I enjoyed this part more then I thought I would and I found I was able to do more then I first anticipated, however I'll admit to getting frustrated with a few things!Ultimately I'm pleased with the outcome.
I managed to get my drawn backgrounds done well on time to give myself longer to do the 3D parts I was less sure about. I would have liked to have put more towards my 2D portfolio in terms of my own self led work and projects, however I will definately continue this and build it up over the next term whenever I can.

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